Atrophy 101

There are many kinds of diseases and illnesses that exist in this world and is being experienced worldwide. There ilnnesses or disease that has nolimit as it can be spread all around the world even if people are not aware of it. that is why there are certain precautions that are being implemented when an outbreak occur. There are also conditions that are not known to other people as they are not common. One of the uncommon sickness people can have is the atrophy.

There are common types of atrophy that people could experience. One of it is skeletal muscular atrophy. This is the condition that tissue in the muscle was lost or it is also describe as the wasting of the persons muscle. This type of atrophy can be divided into two categories.

The first category is called disuse atrophy. This condition could be change and return the muscle into normal by having physical activity like exercise together with the proper nutrition. The second type is neurogenic atrophy that is caused by disease or injury affecting the nerves.

The second type is spinal muscle atrophy that is genetic in nature. The spinal cord has nerve cells and if they are damaged they can become weak and just be wasted. The third type is multiple system atrophy.

There are also the rare types of atrophy and that includes glandular and vaginal atrophy.

There are different causes of these conditions that includes the environment, the lifestyle of the person, genetic, or could be because of illness and injury.