There are more kinds of atrophy that were not discussed in the pages so we will also know and learn about them in the posts. This time we will learn about the atrophy condition in the optic nerve. As we know that nerves could fail and they could be the result of atrophy in different parts of the person body. The nerves in a person are important to function well for the well being of a person. Let us see the infographic to know of the condition.

In the infographic, you can see the provided definition of atrophy in the optic nerve. The symptoms are also enumerated that includes pupils that lose the ability to react to light totally or partially. It is not a good condition. Eyes are one of the parts of the person body that not many wants to lose the ability. The diagnosis of the condition is done when an eye examination is conducted. The doctor will check the optic nerve and notice its paleness.

There are various and many causes of atrophy in the optic nerve and it includes toxins, hydrocephalus condition, infections, rare degenerative conditions, and decreased blood supply. The last cause mentioned is one of the most common causes of the condition. Others are trauma, tumor, and other diseases of the eye that could affect and trigger it. It is also inherited and it can start from the birth of the person until it reaches the stage of adulthood.