There are conditions that are exclusive to women because it is related to the body organ that exists only to female. There can be the common sickness and rare ones. Sometimes they could not be treated and they are not reported because women feel shy and not comfortable to share what they are undergoing. But when it comes to health it should not be as it could worsen and not easy to treat especially if the condition gets worse as time pass by and not treated.

You can read in the infographic that about 50% of women who is on the stage of the menopausal period have the higher tendency to experience the condition that could be noticed through dryness and irritation. You can also read that for those who experience symptoms, only 7% of them report the incident and seek medical help. The condition has negative effects on women who have it. That is why it is important to someone who has it to have it checked so that it would not become worse.

There are the five ways that the condition could be treated that is enumerated in the infographic. One of it is estrogen cream that is applied to the vagina of the woman during bedtime. The second treatment is by estrogen ring that is regularly placed every three months in the vagina of the affected woman. It could also be an estrogen tablet that should be inserted into the vagina. The fourth is the systemic estrogen and last is an oral non-estrogen medication.