Low fat and cholesterol diet

One of the things that greatly affect a person’s health is diet. that is why there are many kinds of diets that was designed to cater to the different needs of an individual. There is simple diet plan and there are complicated ones.

When a person is young, he can do all he wants and eat according to his wants. But all changes when he starts to feel some sickness when his age increases. That is the nature and a normal thing to occur.

Let us know what are the food that is recommended if you want to aim for a diet that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. The things you should avoid in fats categories are stick margarine, lard, butter, coconut and palm oils, and shortening. You should also limit intake of chocolate, mayonnaise, and salad dressings. In milk, you choose the low in fat type and nonfat. It is the same with yogurt and cottage cheese. In meat, choose chicken, turkey, fish and lean meats.

Avoid liver and fatty meats that include sausage, bacon, and franks. In vegetables and fruits, it is recommended you eat variously. There are no restrictions about it but it is recommended that you consume many of it in different varieties. Avoid the deeply fried types of foods and it is recommended you steam vegetables. Throw the fats that come from the meat when you are cooking and try not to add much oil when you cook something. You can also remove the visible fats from the meat before you cook them.